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Navy Recruits Will Soon Have to Prove They Can Run Before Boot ...

Nov 15, 2017 ... Enlisting in the Navy is about to get a bit more challenging. On Wednesday, the service announced it is creating an initial fitness test for prospective sailors on their first day of boot camp at Great Lakes, Ill. Starting Jan. 1, 2018, male recruits must complete a one-and-a-half-mile run within 16 minutes, 10 ...

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Seems a little late...the first day of boot camp...unless there is some special program to "help" get a recruit up to speed, but that would probably melt the snowflakes!.  Also, wonder what the female recruits might have to do?

My response to Dave is that the girls would need to go in a corner and hold hands and shed a few tears.  This is after raising a couple of daughters of my own and being around their friends.  My wife and I believed in working out so our girls learned about physical fitness early on.

The snowflake boys probably would not know how far a mile and a half is without tweeting about it for a few days or hanging out in the mall.  Let alone think that they might have worked a day in their poor little lives.

Sounds like a good idea to me , that they weed out the snowflakes first [ male -female-what evers ] ! If they can do it in 16 minutes flat the Marines will grab them first !!!!!

The one thing I ACTUALLY noticed during my 9 weeks of basic,,,,

Those who started BASIC with the "I ain't afraid" attitude were usually the ones who were actually the ones to lose it.Of course at that time the entering of basic....a.k.a.BOOT CAMP is NOTHING like it is now.

IIRC I arrived at the gate at CAMP BARRY at Gt.Lakes 1962 there was @ 6" of snow and maybe 3-4 inches of water under the snow...Service weeks were in charge of the gate ....and as soon as me and maybe 7-8 other guys stepped through the gate we were yelled at ant told "Gimme 25" by a SERVICE WEEK aka a RECRUIT.

It doesn't happen like that anymore ....or atleast that's my understanding.

From what I read even the physicals BEFORE being accepted are more critical.

One thing that has stayed with me from the day I was sworn in at St.Louis...ARMY....NAVY....AIR FORCE....MARINES were ALL sworn in at the same time.

As soon as we finished and said 'SO HELP ME GOD" @ 6 MARINE D Is busted through the 2 doors yelling the names of those who had chosen the MARINES....what was said next is basically "EXPLENITIVE DELETED" and the were toldl there was a bus out front and they had 5 minutes to get their EXPLENITIVED DELETED out to the bus...As they were running out the Navy Captain who lead the swear in says..."Guess you could say THEIR basic has already started..."

We went through another physical exam..which included pokes and probes,vision tests and the ever friendly seabag issue...which was literally thrown at you....which wasn't too bad til they got to the boon dockers and shoes.

I had 2 Uncles whoe were in the Navy one,Uncle Frank was assigned to the USS BUNKER HILL...while I was getting my stuff together...Uncle frank comes over...all my stuff is on the couch and I'm folding it all and loading the seabag.Uncle Frank walks over looks at it all and says ..."That all is identical to what I had in my seabag when I was in"Like I said he was on the USS BUNKER HILL during WW II.

I was listening to a news program where they indicated that around 75% of the current young people cannot qualify for the military because they cannot pass the basic physical.  That is beyond a shame, but a total disgrace.  I just came back from the fitness center where I am one of the younger guys at 68.  The oldest two are 89 and both Korean War vets.  My message to these young people is real simple.  Get off you dead ass and get to work moving around.

We have a local junior college here that we are taxed to hell to support.  They have a new program to train some of the under achieves to get some basic skills for the local construction trades.  I saw the junior college requirement for this program.  You need to have a seventh grade English level and speak English.  The next one was more interesting in that you had to have an eight grade Math level.  My old brain could not remember what math they taught us in the early 60 when I was in those two grades.  I remember in the first grade in the little rural school in Kansas that the teacher had us first graders stand at the black boards and do the math tables of addition and subtraction first then multiplication.  My old brain recalls that in the second and third grade that you had to recite these math tables.  

Times have definitely changed.  



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