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The Passing Of AMS3 Terry Loehring - RVAH 1 (October 16,2017)

This post is to inform all our "Smoking Tigers - RVAH 1"  shipmates and the rest of the Air Wing that my dear friend Terry Loehring passed away Monday October 16,2017. He was with our squadron on the West Pac cruise 70-71. Terry lived with his wife Mary in Bellville ,Il they have two children. He had gone thru a lot of medical problems in recent years he lost a leg due to his Diabetes and was on dialysis. It was his heart that gave out.  I drove down from my home in the NW suburbs of Chicago to Bellville to see Terry the last couple years because his mobility was limited. We were suppose to get together earlier this summer but Terry's son Michael was dealing with cancer up in Nebraska so we put off getting together till October. That's why when Mary contacted me to tell me Terry had passed away I was shocked and stunned. We spoke a lot about cancer since my daughter had stage 4 Lymphoma and only survived after a stem cell transplant. Never the less we had a great time talking about our service time, Cardinal's and Cubs rivalry, family and the world in general. Terry had a St. Louis Cardinal's logo on his prosthetic leg this whole time but he was getting a new one with RVAH-1 / USS Ranger on it believe or not. I will really miss my buddy from the Navy, a part of me was lost when he passed away. So to the rest of those "Tigers" still around be good & take care all.  

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