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Now Hear This!

Unfortunately (for me at least!) I will not be able to put out a Newsletter this month!

I was putting it together but slowly because I wasn't feeling all that well.

After several days of what I assumed was a stomach flu, it suddenly escalated to a lot of pain, puking and eruptions from other orifices, I ended up in the ER with what I thought was another heart attack... turned out it wasn't the flu OR a heart attack, but instead, it was a gastric ulcer! Apparently a BIG ulcer since my GI doc's reaction was "HOLY CRAP" when he scoped me....

Bummer... anyway, this involves a hospital stay for several days so I will be unable to get this out on time.

So, I hope it's OK if I miss a month. I should be back to fighting form in a couple of weeks so look for the Newsletter next month.

My apologies!


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NOLO problem kemosaby...get better...then do your thang...we need ya...alive and well...


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