For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

RVAH-1 "THE LAST SMOKE" 2016 Reunion

Wed September 28 to Monday October 3 2016


There are several of us that made "THE LAST SMOKE" that are trying to get a reunion up for any and all RVAH-1 Smoking Tigers.  We are wanting to meet back in Key West, Florida in September 2016.  We have just begun gathering contact information on those guys who made the last two cruises  with RVAH-1 and making plans on what to do and where to go.

Please if you made the last cruise with RVAH-1 or have contact information on any of the former Smoking Tigers please get in touch with me Michael "Rookie" Hampton at mhampton971@gmail.com so that we can an you or them to our contact list.  I am also listed on Facebook if you want to add me as a friend just send me a message.

As anyone who has ever lived in Key West knows tourist season is not the cheapest time to visit Key West, so several of the guys have been looking into places to stay and their costs.  We decided on September 28 to October 3 because it is not in the middle of tourist season and the lower costs for hotel rooms, plus who wants to visit Key West in the middle of July, it just to dang hot there then. 

Let's all get together back in Key West to remember the past and see just how much time has changed us and Key West, from what I gather we wouldn't recognize each other or the place.

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Sent you a message. Please look for it.

Is this still on? 

yes we are planning to start gathering in Key West on Sept. 28th and have a picnic on Saturday October 1st on the Truman Annex.  As far as I know it is mostly going to be the guys who made the last two cruises with RVAH-1 that are planning on showing up.

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