For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

Shipmates I've had it! This Attack hits all of us close to home. I have a CCW license and cannot go  on base at NAS JAX with my weapon. This is stupid. This prohibition was set up by Bill Clinton in 1993. The time has come to end this stupidity. I am not a hero, but I do get nervous when I go on base , knowing it's illegal to have a weapon and the the entrance to the commissary has a sign indicating it's a gun free zone. If this prohibition is stopped ,at least I can defend myself if necessary! The very act of allowing guns on government facilities reduces the chance of nut cases from attacking. WE need to make our reps and our President aware of this concern!

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I also have a CCW license and always leave my weapon at home when I go to the VA. Funny thing is they post signs at the parking lot, before going into the hospital and again at the door to mental health????  Three times you get to read the signs!!!!


PRETTY Stupid , isn't it that military trained personnel can't carry guns on base ! With signs telling you its gun free zone , [same as Starbucks coffee shops , restaurants everywhere , schools , etc ] the list goes on ! Same as the wars we been fighting the last several years , the enemy can come at you from anywhere , but we can't go to there known areas [ limited of course per whose running the show ] Of course the bad guys don't need CCW licenses or written permission to attack people places and things to cause death destruction termoil !!!!!!!!!!!!



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