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Best game since the Packers played........two good fights and a blackout.......who was playing???

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Maybe next year we can all "chip in" n get this:



Some salient features include:

  • High Resolution Retina LED Display in a 16:9 aspect ratio
  • HD video transmission
  • 100,000 Hz refresh rate (500 times the performance of a standard TV set)
  • Moisture-repellent for safe outdoor viewing
  • Ultra-wide viewing angles for brilliant picture quality
  • Three 700 W subwoofers

And what’s more- this TV also has a multisource media server which uses helps it accept input from both digital and analog video sources and it also supports HDTV, Blu-ray DVD players and game consoles. For security purposes, the unit’s remote control contains a fingerprint-recognition system.

The exact price is not known however according to some sources C SEED 201 could cost around €500,000 (or $687,775 U.S.). You can find more details and specifications on CSEED.tv.

Or 2

I assume that's as close to a Cleveland Brown's Super Bowl win that I'll ever see in my lifetime. :(

Funny you should mention the Browns....when I lived and worked in Waukegan, IL..working at the high school I got to see the big photo of Otto Graham..who played there and I believe it was his son who wrote the fight song for Waukegan High School and also one of the buildings is named after him.  I think the song comes from the guy who went to Coast Guard?????

 Otto Graham was the Head Football Coach at the Coast Guard Academy.

Otto Graham

Okay then Otto wrote the fight song and the building I know is named after him.


See Waukegan IL is known for Otto Graham, Ray Bradberry (who I met when he came to talk at the High school, Jack Benny; who did play the violin the the high school orchestra and lots of others...that scary film guy??



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