For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

He is having Surgery tomorrow morning. He has a piece of fatty (can't  imagine any fat on that man) tissue growing at the entrance of the lower chamber of his heart that is keeping the Heart Valve from closing all the way. He said he has had it for awhile but is just now getting bad enough to do anything about it.

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As of @ 3pm yesterday...the aforementioned surgery was revised.

I got sent home @3ish with scripts etc..

Eventually the procedure will be done...the above decision was made after I stated what was happening...with no explanation.

as to when is up to the Drs.....Film at 11

You don't have obamacare so you?

No, he probably has the only thing that may be worse....Medi-scare!

Ok update # W T F E....

Go to Dr....Tuesday @ 1000 hrs....W TH they're gonna do I have no clue...

As a kicker as of coming home from the recent trip to and from the Hospital..

Nolo cigarettos...NADA...and until I get settled down and In the grove...DON'T PISS ME OFF

Actually I'm a nice guy...just my sense of humor is warped

Ok...yes I did go to the Dr today...yes they're still going to do the cath...but as to when nobody has said yet..lottsa fluid building up from the knees down...no pain just pita...

Stick, my friend, please know that my wife Penny are praying for a wonderful outcome and speedy recovery for you. In this day and age, surgeries dissociated with the heart are so positive; not like years ago, so we look to hearing you are "up and about the deck" in no time.



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