For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

He is having Surgery tomorrow morning. He has a piece of fatty (can't  imagine any fat on that man) tissue growing at the entrance of the lower chamber of his heart that is keeping the Heart Valve from closing all the way. He said he has had it for awhile but is just now getting bad enough to do anything about it.

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Keep the faith son , and life will reward you  !

Are they going to have to open up his chest?

He said this was a day surgery and he would probably get to go home Thursday, so I don't think that's in the plan.

I'm surprised they didn't take care of it during his original Heart Cath.

(speaking as the Tech Person for Medical Education for 30 years working with doctors)

Heart surgery has  come a LONG way in the last few years - It's rare now for them to "crack the chest" anymore and most surgeries are done via laparoscope or catheterization.

Mitral valve repair (most common) is pretty routine and incredibly effective but that's still not to say that it's "no big deal" when someone is in there mucking about with your heart!! There are still some risks involved so I'm crossing fingers and whispering some prayers...

The really bad news is that Stick will probably have to give up ice cream, fried chicken, potato chips and Whoppers... bummer...

Lotta big techie words there Ill but that's exactly what their gonna do...

Like I said UPDATES as they happen

And just for shits n grins...when i got released all went well till went to the phyc ward...there were a lil doubtful but I told em I was fine...got on my STICK pony n road off into the sunset

If I gotta give up P B n J all hells gonna break loose

Thoughts and prayers going out for Stick and family.


Surgery has been pushed ahead...got released from the hospital  1 hr ago.

Surgery STILL will be done but at a later time

Thanks for all the WELL WISHES...I'll keep the process updated as I get em

Stay calm there Stick , just don't eat too much hot sauce with the munchies as that might flip the flap ,if you catch my drift !?

Ya wanna meet me @ Hooters slim?. Heard that they were outta Wings, but still have a bunch of Breasts and Thighs.



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