For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

As I get them formatted I'll post them here.

RAW-1 (this one ends in Albany, If anyone has the Command History through Decommissioning please let me know).


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Some history guys , makes me proud to be a part of this great historical phase in Navel Aviation ! [different squadrons of course ] but same type scenerio !!!





Steve, The first cruise with the Vigi's [for RVAH-6 ] was a West-pac May 66 --Dec 66 on the Forrestal . It was omitted ! We lost a couple planes , and two crew members KIA ! Two crew members were retrived from water ! Great stuff you dug up !!!

There are lots of information holes in these files. It was only by accident that I found someone in possesion of them, otherwise someone was going to have to go to Washington and copy them (which no one can do now due to the "sequester"). 

Everyone should feel free to help fill in those holes with their own recollections or any official squadron histories they may be in possession of.

Believe the RVAH-6 WestPac from 12 May 1966 to 3 December 1966 was aboard USS CONSTELLATION (CVA-64) - not USS FORRESTAL (CVA-59). On 19 August 1966, AAA brought down LCDR Thompson and LT(jg) Parten and both were recovered. On 22 October 1966 a SAM brought down LCDR Kolstad and LT(jg) Klenert and both were KIA.

FORRESTAL's one and only WestPac was in 1967 with RVAH-11 aboard.

Hard to believe we're talking about 50+ years ago like it was yesterday, isn't it?

Thanks Brad for picking up on the that mistake I  put down Forrestal instead of the Connie for the Westpac cruise of 1966  ! The Forrestal was 64-65  in Med. with the A3;s ! Was on both for most of the cruises , plus with VAH-8 FOR Westpac 63-64 on the Midway !!!! 



From RVAH12.com




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