For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

If anyone received this:

Hello friend,

good day! How are you? I'm General Joseph Harrington, i am a native of the united state, from Ohio, the city of Toledo. I am presently serving in Iraq as a peace keeping commandant. Am a single General with one child, a girl. I have a business proposal for you that will benefit both of us, I search for your contact through the Ning to found you. Please do get back to me for more information through my email: joseph_harrington51@yahoo.com

Joseph Harrington.

Ignore, mark the address as spam in your email filter, and then toss it.

The lowlife faked his way in and has been shown the door.

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If I DO NOT know this person I DO NOT answer and I pretty much know the people I'm working with here on RECCENET

After all these years ….I have seen soooooooooo many discussions start out similar to that.....while at first I would check it out which usually ended with a bad address for some "NEW IDEAS" which led to "YOU" getting hacked


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