For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

I offer two links to Doctor Demento type tunes,

and a few funnies.

Hope they bring a smile.

Take care.

(this 1st one has a short commercial at the beginning)



Have a great day!

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You strike again , John ! GREAT STUFF !

According to Mirriam=Webster...



Full definition of BRID:

Dialectal variant of "BIRD"....

So, scholarly speaking, it's not misspelled!!

So this bucket is a Great Deal!! And if you buy one, you can show off your smarts!!

"Is that word misspelled on your bucket?"

"No... it's a dialectal variant of the word "bird"... you didn't know that?"

Amaze your friends...

You could even look up in the sky and say, "Up in the sky!! It's a BRID, it's a PALNE! It's MuperSan!"

I'm just sayin....

Also there is the variant that changes it to military aircraft lingo as in B 0ne RD or B 1 RD. As used in a sentence "What is that flying up there?"  "Oh...that is a B 1 RD" or maybe even a formation of B 1 RDs.

and of course the "G U 11" - those aircraft that fly around squawking and crapping on cars...

Some of them fly so fast, they leave 'skid marks in the sky' when they use 'air brakes'



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