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Wonder if he has a son or daughter named Pinto...

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For sure gives a bad name to the GT50 which I just happen to own one...but its old....1968.

"BACK IN TIME"....one of those stories which makes one kick their own butt...

While living in Michigan @ 1965 I acquired a job at the local Ford dealer running the parts dept.

Out on the showroom floor there were 2 vehicles....that I kept clean on a daily basis.....2 Shelby Mustangs...ORIGINALS Ford had not taken over of the assembly part "yet"...I took it upon my self to keep both vehicles free of dust and finger prints....there were 3-4 other vehicles on the showroom floor but I have no clue (still) what they were.The owner of the dealership told me one day I should buy one for myself....to which I replied "Na....can't afford either one"...there was a 350 and a 500...Cannot remember what the prices were but pretty sure they were a hellofa lot cheaper than today...This is the part where I would of kicked my own butt for not listening to the guy...He said he could set me up and IIRC payments would of been around $100 a month for either one...This is where one walks out to the garage and bangs ones head on the floor.....AH!!!! one of lifes MANY lessons...IIRC The 350 was priced at @ 4500 the 500 was like 6000 with financing through the dealer

What a Maverick!! He must have been on an Expedition... perhaps going to a Fiesta and lost his Focus- Or maybe he was a Ranger and was trying to Escape from this Galaxy...

(Somebody stop me... )

To Probe this a bit further...perhaps he was on his Ranchero without an Escort, riding his Mustang, Pinto or some other Bronco on the Crestline of the ridge doing a little Freestyle too close to the Edge and was struck by a Meteor from another Galaxie causing him to lose Tempo. 

I wonder if his wife's name is... Sally?


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