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Any word on what's up for 2013 reunion?

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it's at Stick's house.

(just kidding).


Sounds great keep it going!!  No..NO...not my house.

Due to concerns as to my "HOUSE" being the place for the next reunion..

Please send a cashiers check made out to ME...for the measly sum of $48,000 which is basically a security deposit..the actual amount will be closer to but not as large as the NATIONAL DEBT..

As a side note I CANNOT take small animals as a security deposit...nor ex wives or husbands..

All payments are to be in cash with sequential serial numbers on the bills and left in a mayo jar on Funk n Wagnels  back porch..

ALL are to be stacked as 1$...5$...$10..$20...$50...$100... bills and CANNOT be wrinkled or folded

you got it! keep an eye out for the mailman...should be delivered on a Saturday!

I spent all day yesterday trying to round up the dough!!  Still working on it...will update you shortly.  If it was Christmas time I would put out a red bucket and stand with a bell!


How about older children......taking them maybe.........behave most of the time.

try the red bucket and bell.........tell people you're getting a head start!

I ran out of fingers & toes , plus the cat chewed up my  last $ 100 bill ! Oh well the one didn't get it !!!


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