For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

Hell, when I was still in, I was always a 3.04 sailor!!


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and do you really believe if you fail the test, they won't do you in? wanna buy some swamp land or a bridge?

There are classes on crocheting offered along with finger painting and groups that study the wanderings of squirrels.Bingo will be available on Mondays Wednesday and Fridays.

Also base theaters will no longer show movies since we are now in the digital age...DVDs can be rented at the EXCHANGE (do they still have those???)..

Base theaters will be transitioned into bingo parlors/knitting classes/........

Most of these "new" pasttimes will be held in the buildings that "formerly" were the enlisted, acey duecey and chiefs clubs. Oh yeah, did you notice I left out the "O" clubs??

Guess the frat party is over.  No more smokes at 20 cents a pack.  No more free keg if you can get an E-5 and 20 enlisted to sign up for a party at the EM club.  Then too in the civilian world the view of cigarettes and drinking is very different than it was 45 years ago. Looks like we were all members of the "old" Navy.  Wonder how segregated the enlisted, acey duecy, chief, and O cub thing is?  Doubt if the club thing exists today.

IIRC there aren't ANY clubs on bases anymore

What no clubs ????  I ain't reupping TS  But I still run into older GI'S everywhere and tell them is it time to go to the NCO / ACEYDUCEY club ? Its always good fer a laugh, plus I still can spot a Chief ,[by his crooked coffee cup finger ] !!!



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