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there were 2 kinds of San Miguel. manila and phillipines. one had built in hangovers the other had built in hangovers with severe headaches. any one remember which was worse?

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Never got to "SAMPLE" San Miguel while I was in...HOWEVER...While in the Med w/USS FORRESTAL 64'-65' MED CRUISE VAH 6..I was fortunate...no make that stupid enough to "sample"....OZO...and I can testify that OZO is as close to death and living to tell about it as one can get...

Ouzo straight would really f/u every which way but loose. Cut it with water and it would still f/u up but you would live for another day.

I deeply regret that as much San Magoo as I have (past tense) consumed that I was totally unaware that there were two varieties.  I can attest to the fact that after many years the memory of the hangovers has faded to a much greater degree than the memories of the ?good? times.

Close, but Phillipines was the worse

Never had a hangover with San Miguel , in Olongopo , Hong Kong , or Spain !!! Ouzo is the best , I still drink it today , straight , with water or club soda or coffee , if you happen to get drunk you still have good breath !!!

wow back then it was all in black n white...nice to" see it in color".

wow back then it was all in black n white...nice to" see it in color".


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