For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

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A few years ago, a fellow I worked with and I were talking and somehow we got on the topic of military. "I have never understood why anyone would want to join the military" he said, "why on earth would you want to join something that doesn't pay squat and in the end doesn't do you any good"

I started to argue with him and then suddenly realized that there was no way I could make him understand how much the Navy changed my life, changed my attitudes, changed my outlook and changed the way that I dealt with day to day stuff. There was no way I could make him understand the pride I felt or the friendships I made or the sense of accomplishment that came with my 10 years of service. There was no way that I could pass along the sense of honor, courage and commitment that has served me well for the last 40 years.

So instead, I smiled and said... "I liked the uniform"...

That was a good reason too.

Yes its hard to reason with people that weren't in the service , but a lot of people of that mindset might not be good for groups of GI services that were available to them ! Most gals loved the GI uniforms !!!!!!  Although a friend that was in the Air Force was slighted when people kept asking for directions in a city , thinking he was a cop ! Meself  was one person asked if I was working for Cracker Jacks ! He was drunker than I was !!!!!!!

With regards to the AIR FORCE....Friend of mine was in the AIR FORCE....went home on leave and was at the local airport waiting for his plane....he said a little old lady walked up and asked if he was going to be the pilot of her plane.

Went home one weekend when I was stationed at Gt Lakes....people kept asking me if I was in the Navy...I was wearing dress blues...

I hear ya Stick... got that all the time...

But my favorite was always when I'd be out in public in my blues and someone would come up and say, "Do you know (insert name)? He's in the Navy!"

Like all sailors knew every other sailor...

Happy Veteran's Day to all those who stepped forward and served this magnificent country called the USA.  There are a lot of people out there who do appreciate the sacrifice our generation made during a very unpopular time in our country's history.  We are all part of a special group and can always be very proud that we served and stood our watches and did our jobs around the world.

We all need to pass on the message to the misinformed that the younger generations need to know that they are lucky that our generations and generations before us we willing to make that sacrifice.  We all know that freedom does not come cheap.

Enjoy your day and be proud to be an American. 

Patriotism had a much different meaning back in the 40's and 50's!  WWII, then Korea. Many families torn apart from the war.  Lots of stories about men enlisting In their early teens to fight for their country. Even in the 60's, with memories fresh in their minds many enlisted!

Then came Viet Nam with draft dodgers, Protests, news media declaiming a "politicians war", news broadcasts showing photos of trucks fill with empty beer cans, civilians ( how could we tell?) being gunned down,(remember Lt Calley?)

Patriotism, I'm afraid, isn't a word in many folks vocabulary these days.  BUT; keep the faith!!  I saw so many young people at todays ceremony which led me to believe that, maybe, someday, things will get back to the times we remember..

The young will learn as in life , if not then its to bad for them when they find out what's left !!! Ask anybody from Japan , Germany & other countries that came here to live the correct way !!! How many people do you know that went to Russia to stay & live verses coming here to do the same ? I have met many in many different states ! [all happy here ] The only one that I heard of that went to Russia and liked it was Bernie Sanders !!!!!!!!!!

I always looked at it this way: Some served wearing a uniform while others served at home.

Both sides have their winners and losers.

I let it go at that.

Knowing I stepped up without hesitation . . . Made the most of my time  . . . and that gives me the edge!


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