For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

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God Bless Admiral...

Admiral Denton was one of my heroes. I got to meet him not long after his release and was inspired by his devotion, his faith and his dedication.

A true American Hero...

"You lead by your example,  You find strength where there was none
You stand by all that you believe,  And you stay when most would run

You march to your own drummer, And you’re faithful to your heart
You’ve made the hard decisions,  That would tear the rest of us apart

You could’ve crumbled from the pressure,  When life broke your heart in two
Instead you fought with all your might,  Until your skies returned to blue

A modest soul you’ll always have,  Without your accolades in tow
You claim you’re nothing special,  But you’re wrong; you are my hero"

You struggle like we all do,  Through this experience called life
Yet your grace and your tenacity,  Inspire me to rise above the strife

Like a Phoenix you have risen,  From the ashes and the flames
You’ve stood up even when,  You had to take the blame

Your life has not been easy,  But somehow you’ve made it through
You’ll always be my hero,  And we're awfully proud of you

(Lynn Johnson)

If anyone deserves to have national honors , this is the one. He should be  honored in state ,in our nations capitol rotunda , with full military honors. Sadly ,the current regime is too busy with less important issues


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