For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

Talked to Ray today on the phone...still in the hospital and IIRC he said probably 5 more months..

He's "supposed " to send me an adress..as soon as I get it..I'll put it up

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Lower part of the bone just above the knee has healed, upper part just below the hip is not healing. They are going to start using a bone stimulator next week. If that doesn't start the healing process then around mid September they are going to have to open it up and do a bone graft and that means another 6 weeks of Therapy. I am on a walker and limited to 50% of body weight on the leg while walking. This is a living hell.

email= raymiser@tx.rr.com This is a unprotected account. Please us discresion in your comments.


Thanks Ray


Sorry it took so long. I have limited use of a computer.

Hang in there Ray...I'll light a candle fer ya ...


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