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Hello All,

I am an avid aviation enthusiast since I was a young kid and that passion has translated into scale aircraft modeling my whole life. I also try to be detailed when I build my models and even enjoy modeling a kit with history if the chance arises. The Vigilante has to be one of my favorite aircraft designs. 

My question is with regards to the detachable tail cone and the DECM boom at the 11 o'clock position and the later style DECM that is tongue shaped at the 12 o'clock position. 

When did the tail cone shape change take place? Was it used with the older boom style DECM? Or was the new tail cone change done along with the newer tongue shaped DECM? Also was this a post Vietnam modification? The earliest photo I have seen of the later style tail cone and DECM was around 1973 (if the year was correct for that photo).

I have also enclosed a couple photos for detail.

I can also be reached at:   harkie111@shaw.ca

Thanks in advance,


Surrey, BC


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