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Recently saw 2 photos of ladders hanging on the intake. Never saw this before. I was a RVAH-5 plane captain 67-71. Any PC's out there that can explain this. It would have made things a lot easier if we had that on ours.

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It made serving, inspection, adding hydraulic fluid or general repairs much fast / safer than climbing from the back of Aircraft plus if bird was tail over water.

never saw it on our birds

I also saw it when we washed the planes - Cockpit closed and ladders on the intakes.

4 years as pc and never saw or heard of it.

I believe the ladder in question is the same ladder used by pilot and b/n to board their aircraft. I was in H-7 and assigned to check crew on hanger deck and we always had a ladder on either side of intake to gain access to top for our checks. If my memory serves me right after 52 years there was a hole in the top of intake that matched a pin on the top of ladder.



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