For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

R. Lee Ermey, Staff Sergeant (Honorary Gunnery Sergeant), USMC

'Full Metal Jacket' actor R. Lee Ermey dies at age 74

May he have Fair Winds and Following Seas on his last great deployment into Eternity!!

Semper Fi Marine!!

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WOW , Loved that guy ! Was the best & a super Marine all the way a SUPER GUY !   SEMPER FI SARGE !!!!!!!

Today... is Christmas! There will be a magic show at zero-nine-thirty! Chaplain Charlie will tell you about how the free world will conquer Communism with the aid of God and a few Marines! God has a hard-on for Marines because we kill everything we see! He plays His games, we play ours! To show our appreciation for so much power, we keep heaven packed with fresh souls! God was here before the Marine Corps! So you can give your heart to Jesus, but your ass belongs to the Corps! Do you ladies understand?

RIP Gunny!


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