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I have a ball cap I bought at Wally World ...has a US NAVY patch on the front...getting kinda dirty ...I have heard RUMORS ??? That it is BAD JU JU to wash the cap ....IS this true ???

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Stick... I have several ball caps that I wear when I'm at the gym and they get kinda smelly after sweating in them - I bought a "hat cage" (available at Walmart - Go to Walmart website) and I wash mine in the shower under hot water and then leave them in the cage and let them dry (it's winter so I put the hat in the cage in front of the heater vent) - Works great!!

You guys scared the heck out of me.  I missed the word "cap" and went back to read it again and found the word "cap".  I almost thought I had been doing something wrong all my life!


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