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Posting a Senior Engineer position at the University of Florida Dept. Chemistry - Electronics Shop Supervisor

Dear Heavy Community;

I was asked by the Chairman of the Technical Services Committee in the UF dept. of Chemistry to contact some of my USN contacts to help fill a very important position to the department.

He or she that fills this position will directly support the efforts of a 500 person department that produces roughly 50 PhD chemists per year.  The incumbent is retiring is an excellent RF designer and Electronic Engineer.  I've suggested to the Committee chair that someone with squadron, AIMD & Depot level repair skills as well as continued education would be and excellent candidate.

This position is important to me directly since I manage the instruments of our Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Labs (NMR) which has in the past relied heavily on the services of this important facility.

I personally am looking for somebody who can troubleshoot and repair both very old and very new scientific instrumentation, specifically NMR gear.  I'm also looking for a colleague who can contribute to patentable innovations which we or others would submit to the Office of Technology and Licensing that has a very generous royalty program for UF inventors.

I know the Vigi's were covered with antenna and all sorts of RF equipment even though I was an AMH I now work as an Electronics/Electrical Engineer at UF.

NOTE: Possession of a PE license is not required but I'm sure it would give you a leg up on the competition.

Do you want to serve again?  Serve the great state of Florida in its flagship university.

More details to follow,


Bobby Harker



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Posting Details

Posting Details

Requisition number:



Requisition Title


Working Title


Position number:


Advertised Salary:

Salary range for this position will be $37,650 to $54,500, commensurate with qualifications and experience.

FLSA Status:


Job Type


Job Category


Work Location

Main Campus (Gainesville)

If other work location








Job Description:

Design highly complex electronic equipment for chemical research.

Design highly complex electronic equipment for chemical research using state-of-the-art electronic devices and also design and fabrication of new electronic circuits needed to modify and update existing research and teaching equipment. Examples include circuits designed to: measure 0.0001 degree Celsius temperature changes, ultrafast high voltage pulsing circuits, special RF amplifiers, high speed digital/analog circuits with FIFO ram controller, optical/acoustical detection circuits, special sharp frequency cut-off filters, exceptionally low noise amplifier designs, unique interface circuitry for computer acquisition of experimental data, computer controlled circuitry for automated control of complex experimental apparatus, and other special requests associated with calibration designs or special specifications dictated by experimental constraints.

Provide engineering support in troubleshooting and repairing existing scientific equipment in the context of teaching, research and departmental service instrumentation. Examples include: gas chromatographs, mass spectrometers, NMR spectrometers, UV-Vis instruments, HPLC, etc.

Provide engineering support and guidance to those faculty and students who require the shop’s services. Examples include: Advise scientists and students on electronic instrumentation to be purchased for Research or teaching use; design custom circuits to meet specific needs of the department. Suggest
solutions to special problems involving the use of electronic devices.

Train shop personnel in advanced electronic techniques. Examples include: techniques of circuit design component selection, standards operations, troubleshooting, printed circuit design and fabrication, computer interfacing.

Supervise the operation of the electronics shop. Examples include: Evaluate qualifications of job applicants; assign duties to shop workers; schedule meetings with shop personnel to explain policies and organize operations; meet with the faculty coordinator of technical facilities to discuss relevant matters; review the work of shop employees.

Coordinate maintenance of the electronic shop facility. Examples include: coordinate inventory activities; order supplies; coordinate servicing and maintenance activities for shop equipment; supervise maintenance of electronic standards.

Maintain shop records. Examples include: keep records of work orders and purchase orders; inform business office personnel of all matters relating to costs of operation of the shop.

Minimum Requirements:

A bachelor’s degree in an appropriate area of specialization and two years of appropriate experience; or a high school diploma and six years of appropriate experience. Appropriate college coursework or vocational/technical training may substitute at an equivalent rate for the required experience.

Preferred Qualifications:

Knowledge of basic electronics engineering.
Knowledge of basic electronics circuits and components.
Knowledge of circuit design and fabrication.
Knowledge of troubleshooting methods.
Knowledge of computer operation.
Knowledge of computer interfacing.
Skill in supervision of electronics and computer technicians.
Skill in providing engineering support and guidance to faculty and students.
Knowledge of electronics central to the teaching and research missions of a modern department of chemistry.

Health Assessment Required:


Special instructions to applicants:

Posting Date:


Closing Date:


Open Until Filled:

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Anyone interested may contact me for inside information:  rharker@chem.ufl.edu

However the application process begins here: Begin Application Process


Bobby Harker


If you are on facebook post this on the CRAW-1 page (Reconnaissance Attack Wing One page on facebook), North American A3J/A-5A/A-5B/RA-5C Vigilante page  (North American A3J/A-5A/A-5B/RA-5C Vigilante page on facebook), and the RVAHNavy page (RVAH Navy page on facebook

Thanks Steve - I did that and I think they took it down ... maybe I should have asked first.

No it's still there: Facebook Wing 1 - UF Engineer Job Posting

Bobby Harker

Good luck ! It shouldn't hard to find someone for a great job like that !  Just get the word  as the guys say . Somebody will jump on it !!

Just to let everyone know, the position is now FILLED.  We got a great replacement ... younger man but he's got a PhD in Electrical Engineering.  Thanks for the support.

Bobby Harker



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