For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!


I have another picture like the one above rolled up and in new condition. I'd be glad to send it to someone for free except for $10 for S&H and postage.

Contact me at sus4ever@gmail.com if you'd like it.


Ski Grumboski

USN 8/61 - 9/68  VAH-13, Plank Owner RVAH-13

Treasurer TX CVMA 23-4

TX CVMA 23-4 is a federally  approved 501c3 non-profit; EIN #27-2783222

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 I bought and framed this 12 yrs. ago. I  don't want to say how much it cost ...This is a good deal. Mine is signed by artist!  Good for RVAH-6 crew from mid '70s


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