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It has been announced the NAVY is removing peacoats

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GEEZ , Next it will be camo style dress blues in the color of your choice !!!???

So now Stick you have to get the color uniform for the part of the world your going to be station in ?????????? [ per your last reply ]

From what I've read so far it looks like that is whats gonna happen

I still have my 1969 issue peacoat and wear it occasionally. Probably be buried in it

When I was discharged in 65' I had..

3 sets of blues ....1 dress jumper 2 undress jumpers...

3 sets of whites

1 pair black shoes 

1 pair LOX boots

1 blue jacket

1 Peacoat

6 pairs skivvy shorts

6 t shirts

3 pair black nylon socks

1 leather Pilots jacket

1 nylon (green) jacket(didn't they call those flight jackets

Heck ,now they are going to have to change the Crackerjacks box picture to keep up with the times  don't cha know !!!!!!!!!


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