For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

I would like to know how many of you saw fellow sailors loose their clearance for many reasons most had to do with comingling with foreign nationals and then see their career go down the drain.  Now we have a Presidential candidate that by her own doing proved she should never have  even a Confidential clearance has a good chance of having Presidential clearance.  How bad can it get.

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YEP , Joe We know that's happened time and again , for a lot less ! But this bunch of comrade / elitists are covering up so trash its got to overflow sooner or later !!! When it does watch out as s--t rolls down fast !!!


   I watched the entire meeting on TV. My biggest issue was the the FBI director repeatedly referred to the 1919 espionage act. He said there had only been one prosecution under this act. He also stated it was of questionable constitutionality. Soooo, why not file charges and see what happens. Apparently , he didn't feel like pursuing an indictment to find out what the limits would be for negligence in this particular case.

Somewhat of a confirmation that he is an "inside the beltway " operator. I do not doubt that he is an honorable  person, but I feel he lacked courage to pursue this for his own personal biases , regardless of his affirmation of not being biased! We have a lack of courage in our elected  reps. so sad!



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