For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

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“Type I pioneered the Navy into the accepted wear of camouflage style uniforms, something that history reflects has been long desired by Sailors,”

What sailors were those? I know I didn't join the Navy with the hope of wearing camouflage style uniforms.

I'm with Steve! I don't know anyone that I talked to that was in favor of the "blueberry" working uniform. To quote the article, "“What was wrong with the dungarees?” one commenter asked. That uniform, which resembled blue jeans from the 1970s, was “a great work uniform and easy to store aboard ship.”

After basic we got to go home for 2 wks.

Naturally Mom decided ALL my uniforms needed to be washed.

While she was doing that one of my uncles showed up....I was folding all my stuff and putting it back in the seabag.My uncle said most of the stuff was identical to what he was issued....he was in WWII

As of 1962 when I went in there had been no mention of any "NEW UNIFORMS"and even when I got out in 65' there had not been any mention of new uniforms


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