For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

Around this time back in 1962....I was going through the gate at Camp Barry USNTC Gt Lakes...after 3-4 days of physicals and questions I was issued a seabag....lemme rephrase that...my seabag was thrown at me...shoes first..n they kinda hurt...boon dockers hurt more.fortunately everything fit 

So my first uniform was dungarees....I will say I got pretty lucky everything fit fine.

Then there was the physical...urine samples...blood samples...and last but not lease the infamous haircuts...actually more like a really close shave but on your head.

Unfortunantly mama nature didn't care there was @ 8 inches of snow on the ground.

Then uniforms were issued...I got 13 button pants which from what I noticed the guys who got the newer zipper styles had a lot of problems...

My Mom (naturally)) had to wash everything in my seabag...during this time my Uncle Frank came over I had all my stuff folded and was ready to reload the seabag

Then there was inspections...everything was inspected ...there were 2 different styles of lockers all had open fronts..and held everything in the seabag.

I went to classes on stuff I didn't know about ...never seen or heard...or witnesseed

To the best of my knowledge I passed EVERY barracks inspection...and locker inspection.

Some guys would come in and find everything on the floor...there was one guy who noticed that his bunk was missing ....and he found it out of the barracks along with everything in his seabag.

WOW this has really bought back some memories ....Some I can actually LMAO about

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58 years ago.....DAMN I AM OLD

I was the guy that replaced you in the Navy...assuming you were in for four (4) years  I had a similar experience to what you describe except my date of going through that gate at Camp Barry was 03 March 1966.  This was just a few days after I had turned 19.  Must be the same guy that filled your seabag filled mine!  I too got the 13 button pants.  I thought they were pretty cool since they were "real Navy".

I still have a full set of whites and the dress blue uniform.  My pea coat now fits me.  When I was in the Navy I would wear the pea coat and a small person could have gotten into it with me!

And as far as being old....it's a lot better than the alternative!!

Well Dave to be honest ...I was in for 2 years 27 days and 12 hours...

When signed up at the recruiters office I was told since I was 18 I could opt for 3 yrs instead of 4...IIRC I got out @ Feb 26 1965...I think I figured it to be:


11 months

12 hours

But seriously there was nothing going on as far as any kind of war....

One of the Petty Officers in our personnel dept said he could set me up in an AVAITION ELECTRONICS school...and like a fool I turned that down.....WHY ??? HELL IF I KNOW

I think maybe I had

1 set of whites....

1 set of Blues ....

1 pair of LOX boots ..

.I pair of Black shoes..

1 Green nylon flight jacket

2 ball caps

2 white hats

1 Peacoat

1 Dress blue jumper

2-3 pairs skivvies (boxer)

2 sets of dungarees (shirts and pants)

1 seabag

Lost it all after me n wife 1 went for the big D...


On a side note....I had 1 Uncle that was on the USS BUNKER HILL during WWII....my Mom had told him I was joining the Navy.SO,the day I got home from BOOT CAMP she had called him and told him I was home.

I was in the process of putting everything back in my seabag....since my Mom decided everything needed to be washed.

Uncle Frank comes in...we shake hands ...and then he sees my stuff on the couch..as I said HE was in during WW II he was looking at all my stuff on the couch and he says...and I quote....

"all of that is identical to what I had in my seabag.....EVERYTHING"  This was in 1962


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