For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

There will be no benos in the beno locker...


The Storekeeper says:

RecceNet Shipmates,

We're ready to give you the "Shirts off our backs"!

Well not really, but we're ready to sell them...

The New RVAHNAVY T-shirts are now available in the Gear Locker.

We have made every effort to ensure that the logos and the colors merged to create a design that was uniquely symbolic of the gear used by US Naval War-Fighters and Aircraft Maintainers.

We wanted to create a long-lasting comfortable shirt that was not only familiar to the A-5 Community but was also immediately recognizable to the entire Naval Aviation Community and the Commands that supported us.

The Performance Dry-Fit T shirt will be $18 and the colors will be Aviation Maintenance Green and Line Shack Brown with a solid black design front and back.  The fabric breathes.  It doesn't stay damp with sweat...it wicks dry.  How cool is that?

And, if you don't like it we will buy it back.

The traditional Black Vertical Stripe is represented on the front and back of the shirt.  The Vigilante Silhouette is up-front and dead-center. The Stencil Font is Bold and Assuming.

Most of us remember that we used black spray paint and metal letters to build our logos and acronyms back in the 60s and 70s and beyond.  We used cardboard and sometimes over-sprayed our stencil.

In addition to the Squadron Names the shirt also includes the Aviation Flight Wings and Maintainer Rating Icons that were used in most RVAH Units.

Americans (Especially the US Armed Forces Veterans) are familiar with the image of Naval Airmen clad in Flight Deck Jerseys of Green, Brown, Red or Yellow with color matching life-vests and helmets.  The image includes wind so strong it is blowing them backwards on a Aircraft Carrier Flight Deck in some foreign ocean.  A place where you have to look sharp and keep your head out your ass because this was a dangerous place.

This is an American Navy image and it is extremely noticeable and iconic.

Top Gun!

Flight of the Intruder!

We are very proud veterans and we remember our SWAG (as our grandkids tell us).  We loved and respected our Carrier service and uniforms.  Khakis, Cracker Jacks, Chambray Shirts, Jerseys and Bell Bottom jeans...our uniform was envied by other services.

We had beards and we knew how to have a good time.  We were young, well trained and worked in one of the most dangerous environments on the planet!  No one else did what we did!

We can say with confidence that you will be noticed in this shirt.  Navy and Marine Corp Vets on the go will recognize your shirt and the fellowship will ensue.  And we do share a fellowship with all Navy personnel retired, deceased and those serving now.  Do you realize there are millions of us?  It's true.  And we are everywhere.

We respect you and thank you for your service to our great Country.  I hope we can all meet again soon.



Links to gearlocker pages:

Aviation Maintenance Green Flight Deck T Shirt

Aviation Line Shack Brown Flight Deck T Shirt

       Green Front

      Brown Front

  Both Green and Brown have this stenciling on back.

...And if you're still interested in the old t-shirts, what's left in the inventory is on sale for $10.00 each (while limited supplies last , all sizes not available, first come, first serve!!)

Link to gearlocker page:

RVAHNAVY Blue and Gold T-Shirt

(I don't know why the Storekeeper couldn't find any pretty gals to model the new ones!!)

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Hey Joe!! Youse wanna buy a watch? Maybe a tapestry?

Maybe a t shirt then?

The t shirts are "flying off the shelves" (even the old ones). Have you ordered your new t shirt yet?

Remember the reason we don't have dues to belong anymore is the monies collected from the gearlocker pay the bills (keeps the lights on here, email address up, and the old website on line), so if you don't want a t shirt how about a hat or challenge coin (or other "gedunk" we have in the "locker")?


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