For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

Personally I'm getting a little tired of the USA letting anybody build almost anything whether it has anything to do with our way of living here in AMERICA.

There have been instances of plant closings forcing people who have to start doing things the way "THEY SAY BECAUSE "WE found a less expensive way to build it"

There are those out there who were building autos,trucks,just about anything that moved.

The US has been raped of pride in their own country by people who don't have a clue as to WHAT actually goes on.

But we can hire immigrants who are doing it for the $$$$...as opposed to those who were doing it out of pride.

I had the experience of working for almost all 3 GM...FORD...CHRYSLER..

In those days there was a LOT of PRIDE ...all that's there today is QUOTAS...PRIDE seems to be missing anymore and QUANITY is no more important.

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Sounds right to me Stick ! We used to make the best of everything & THE WORLD NEW IT ! Now we got to play catch up with everything as we gave away our jobs , companies, pride, land , etc. !!!! Seems our politians , government , ceo's have sold us out as a country / work force etc !!!!!!!!!

I think you nailed it Pete...

Unfortunately the word PRIDE is not accepted any more...now it's QUANITY....which in turn means the people who busted their AZZ keeping GM Ford  @ Chrysler almost error free have basically been told..."That defect can be fixed at the dealer"...course they don't have a clue how long till it's fixed CORRECTLY.

I worked at a couple GM plants...also GM ...from what I remember FORD was more concerned about fixing a problem by letting the people on the line and the ENGINEERS work together until they got the issue straightened out..doing so caused a agreement between the ENGINEERS and the PERSONEL actually building the vehicles.There was no arguing just EVERYBODY working together regardless of what dept they worked.I saw several instances where those wearing ties DID NOT wear them ANY time they were working on the line.Main offices stayed out of the way and did not interfere with production in anyway.Naturally I have no way to prove that ...but I did visually see with my own 2 eyes EVERYBODY workingtogether and not concerned about who saw them



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