For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

But 2 days ago I had a valve replaced in the ticker....so far other than  some discomfort ...all is going well...

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Was it a intake or exhaust valve  ?  Inquiring minds want to know ? Glad you came thru OK , PETTY OFFICER !

Let me know if you need anything.

There are 3 options..

1 replacement is a valve from a pigs heart...

1 is a mechanical valve..

the third option is fixing the original..

I'm not sure what I got but Cathy said we might have pork chops for dinner and I got scared a lil bit

So... around Christmas, can we expect to hear something like this?


And, instead of "Stick", will we have to call you "Porky"?

Glad to hear you're on the mend buddy... we missed ya!!

I've seen people go to hell for lesser crimes Bill

Yeah... I know... but I can't help myself... it's been said that I'm right up there with loud movie talkers and people who drive down the interstate with one foot on the brake pedal... oh yeah, and people who obsessively use three little dots after each sentence...

Glad all went well.  Anyone that once lived in Michigan and likes the Shelby GT 500 must have a good heart!

True story.  I once had a young lady that worked for me that had a heart valve replaced with a plastic one.  This would have been about 25 years ago.  One time we were in a meeting and I was sitting next to her.  It had gotten quiet in the room and I could hear a click, click, click.  After the meeting was over I asked her about it and she said it was the valve closing.  Kind of brings a new prospective to life.

Jeeeeeze...both legs are swollen....from the knee down...this mean I'm preggers???...not really painful swollen but cannot get shoes on....arrrrghhhhhhhh   

Dunno...got appt tomorrow n their "supposed?"to pull all the stitches plus some x rays...

All this crap is new to me....most I'd ever gone through was sore throats ....n hangovers....

Stick, I'm no doctor, but if any part of your body starts looking like this picture, you in trouble OR luck!

Not really sure how it goes.

If any part looked like that I'd be happy...


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