For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

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If this was during our time then I would have to assume the country doesn't want or need a Navy anymore.

{sigh} No more 10 cent smokes......No wait, that was 40 years ago...{sigh}

 Oh well , I couldn't afford cigs & beer at the time I was in so one was out [ it wasn't beer ] Now that smoke breaks might be out what will GI'S take , a fruit break ?

This is no chit...


We did a SHAKEDOWN cruise...as soon as we were in the "BIG POND" we went to GQ...as this was a test to make sure everybody understood what our readiness capabilities are/were..IIRC we were in GQ for like a week..maybe less.There were FD drills...medical drills...just to make sure what our READINESS LEVELS were and if there were issues.So like half way through the went to a "RELAXED MODE"...ah announcement was made that there was sandwiches and juices etc on the mess decks...and we could go down and tell how many in our area and they would give us sandwiches n some goodies for our area.I was in Maintenance Control...I  got picked to go get the stuff..So there was  3 enlisteds..2 Chiefs 1 Ltjg...When I got to the mess decks I was asked how many people in my area...I told the 1 Class Cook....15,,,so they load me up with all kinds of boxes and "C RATS" our R R was on the same level as the mess decks so I went there phoned up to Maint Ctl got hold of one of the guys n told em I needed a hand,,,We ate pretty good for the rest of the shakedown,,,

As a side note...smokes were 10 cents a pack when at sea...a dollar when in port..GEDUNKS  DID NOT SELL HEALTH FOODS...candy,chips,cokes,pretzels...everything but beer...

Ah... the memories...

"Smoke em if you got em..."

I guess they don't got em anymore...

"Smoke and Coke... 5 minutes!"

No smokes...

No drinkin

No havin fun

Damn THAT'S gotta be BORING AS HELL....



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