For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

I was born in bakersfield, CA in Dec 1940.  We moved to the REAL NORTHERN CA to Anderson in 1946. Went thru grade school in and around Anderson, Summit City (Just below Shasta Dam) and Redding. Moved to "the county" outside Anderson, CA during the summer of 1952. Graduated Anderson Union Hi in May of 1958.  Tried Junior College over the summer (almost had a fight with an Enlish ?Teacher/Instructor? about my English useage?  Anyway, in Aug I tried to join the Air Farce - 6 month waiting list - went next door and joined the Navy (Best thing I ever did) - San Franciso for induction and San Diego for "Boot", NMTR Point Mugu, CA for 6 mos because Norman OK was being shut down, Memphis for "A" school (tried to fail the course on purpose - couldn't - in a controlled class) and "AQB" school (now I got my hands on actual hardwarel.  Then Sanford to VAH-7, painted SQ placques - how fun was that?? (May 1960 - ? I think Feb 1961) when VAH-7 started getting the A3J1. They got rid of the "OLD" SQ and brought in a "NEW" crew.  Then to VAH-11 as AQB3 - Between Feb 1961 and Dec 1964 made three (3) Med cruises on the USS Roosevelt (CV-42).  Also in late 1963, me and two others (both E6's)set up a MSQ-44 Bomb scoring Unit across the runway at Sanford.  Boy that was great fun!!!  Even had an Air Force General come over from Orlando to talk with the Wing Commander - Who in turn told us to quit "playing" with the '52's going into Orlando, FL. Oh Well - no sense of humor!  Dec 1964 to VAH-3, worked in the ASB shop. Made AQB2, Re-uped, Memphis for "B" school.  Jun '66 Back to Sanford to RVAH-13 As AQ1 - trained for Sate shop.  We were the last SQ to deploy from Sanford (came home to Agony {Albany}, GA). 66/67 WestPac - Kitty Hawk.  Fire on the Forrestal Jul 67 almost destroyed the SQ.  What was left of RVAH-11 returned to Albany, took all of our A/C, a lot of our Officers, and maintainers.  Took our place on the 67/68 Kitty Hawk WestPac.  After some time, we started getting new Officers, men and AIRPLANES.  Made USS America's first WestPac in '68.  Forrestal Med cruise in 69/70. Went to Memphis for NAMTRAGRU Instructor trainin, made AQC while there.  Back to Agony (Albany - man I wish they had given it back to the Air Farce).  NAMTRAGRU instructor (Jul 1970 to Mar 1972) on the ASB-12 weapon system.  While there, My two teaching partners and I put together a new training manual for the ASB-12 sys, handouts for class as well as detailed troublshooting procedures.  I later heard that it was a great help keeping the ASB12 up and runninin the Feleet!!  Felt Good!! Went to VX-4, Point Mugu CA, from Apr 1973 to Mar 1975. Then VF-154, Miramar CA from  Mar 1975 to Mar 1978.  The USS Forrestal from Mar 1978 to Aug 1980.  Retired from Treasure Island, CA

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Well I see ya made it....glad you came aboard....

Glad I found you guys.  I was in Heavy Attack for my first 12 years in the Navy.  I just hope that I got the dates more or less right.

Great to have you here! Do like William or Bill when talking? I was on the America in '69. Great ship for sure. Too bad they sank it, but perhaps some of the testing done will save others in the future.



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