For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

I added this category at Sticks request. Please feel free to tell us a little about yourself.

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Hi Emmanuel,

I was at Albany and on board the America the same time as you. I was in photo recon. Putting the camera "pods" in the belly of the Vigi's. I also switched from a seaman to an airdale, and I'm glad I did. I really enjoyed working on the flight deck, and have posted a couple pictures of that sort of stuff in the forums. Well, you take shipmate!

Hi John,

    I've been on serious "recalling mode" and hunting-for-old-pictures mode several weeks now...Sooner I'll find 'em pics and post 'em and right now am like seeing good 'ole faces in the mind of y'all, my shipmates! That picture of yours in headgear just made it all so much clearer for me of you John! You looking good, shipmate, and you sure have Italian longevity to boot! You take care, John. 

I was at HT-8 in Pensacola in 1965 & part of 1966 worked in A/F, did you ever make it to Ellyson Field which was helicopter training Squadron?

I stumbled on this site while looking for a Hospital corpsman friend that I lost track of around 1980 or so and since he is Law Enforcement is virtually impossible to trace.  I came to Albany in March of 1970 attached to RVAH 3, from NATTC Millington and Boot (7/69) with Company 471 at Great Lakes.  AMEAN when I arrived and AME3 when I left before RVAH-5's Wespac in 1971, sometimes I regret not going and taking the 'walking papers' but who knows.

I noticed Gus Villarini went a LOOONG way, we went to Millington and Boot (Sister Company I Think) guess it agreed with him, I found a good long lost friend from Boot on Facebook, who'd of known, there are a few out there that I still owe money too but can't remember their names.

Hi shipmates, I am Mike Floyd formerly of Heavy 1 now I am still a heavy one for a fact .

I was a PH2 Jan 66 when I got to heavy 1 worked the line through the med cruise on Indy  cva- 62 then went IOIC on Enterprise cvan-65 for Tonkin gulf fun, after a short stop in Sasabo Japan and a month of fun off Korea (remember the Pueblo incident)-happened same time as the TET offensive-coincidences happen all the time.

In my 8 years of naval service I can proudly say the Heavies were the best of my tenure-made so many great friends during the three years I was there.

I now live back in Florida in Fleming Island (near Jax) go over to Sanford from time to time- the RA5 on display is nice Rattled on long enough-contact me if you want to swap sea stories


If you're interested some of the Heavy 1 guys are having a Reunion in Key West this September. Information on the event can be found here: http://rvahnavy.ning.com/events/the-last-smoke-rvah-1-reunion

Hello. My name is Rodney Chapman.  Attached to VAH-7 Dec 1960 - Jan 1964 at  ANS Sanford, Made Ak3 and 2 while in the squadron; AK1 at NAS Sanford Supply Dept.  Still live in Sanford.

Looking for a photo of an A5A suitable to make a T=shirt . I have a source that just made me several.

My idea is the squadron logo  (Peacemakers patch on the left front with HATRON SEVEN) and the photo on back with A5A on top and VIGILANTE  below.

scottees67@gmail  created my shirts on 7/8/2016 (HATRON SEVEN, USS Enterprise, USS Independence, USS Tennessee SSBN734

As you maybe could tell, I did a little of everything!  Including PBR's in Nam

Hi Rodney...

You turned me on to this site and so here I am....you were my first Navy Supervisor when I was a AKAN at 

NAS Sanford.

Hi Rodney,

I knew your friend Seymour Baer at Sanford.  I passed the door to the Supply Dept. almost every day on my way to the ASB quonset hut.  I would occasionally stop in and bat the breeze with Seymour.  Nice to be able to touch base with someone who knew Seymour.  Very sorry to learn of his passing.

Larry Leno


Jesus M.Marrero

VC-8, HS-75, NAS Willow Grove

Although I was never in an RVAH squadron, I served with and prepared the paths for many who were - I was one of the first batch of enlisted men with special intelligence NEC designators to be automatically changed to Photographic Intelligenceman (PT) in 1958. I was also the first enlisted instructor at Fleet Air Intelligence Training Center at Breezy Point, Norfolk, where the first PTs and Air Intelligence Officers in RVAH squadrons were trained. After my stint at FAITC I ended my Navy career as mission planner and intelligence analys in Fleet Air Intelligence Reconnaissance Two (VQ-2), Rota, Spain, leaving in October 1963.

I was previously an AQ and before that an AT, working in the AN/ASB Bombing computers. The ASB-12 was in the Vigilante RA-5C in the RVAH squadrons, and also in the A-5A/B (A3J-1/2) bombers in VAH squadrons; the ASB-7 replaced ASB-1 in A-3/A3D bombers in VAH squadrons; and the ASB-1 was first in P2V-2B/C and P2V-3B/C Neptunes and AJ-1/2 Savages in VC squadrons - the Navy strategic nuclear attack aircraft from 1948-1956. I worked in VC-8, VAH-1, and VAH-11 in the bomb director computer and intelligence (target planning and radar scope simulation) roles.


I served in VAH-7 from 1961 through 1964 as a Plane Captain. After the Navy school and flight training to become a Corporate Pilot. In 1971 I was married to Sally and were still together.

I retired in 2009 as Aviation Manager for a Family flying a CL604. There were fond memories of serving in Heavy 7 and on the USS Enterprise.



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