For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

I added this category at Sticks request. Please feel free to tell us a little about yourself.

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Dave after 45 years in the front end of corporate aircraft, I get nervous sitting in the back!


Hi, my name is Harold. I have no squadron affiliation, but am an aviation nut with the Vigilante being one of my favorite aircraft. I build scale aircraft models and try to be accurate in what I build. My reason for joining was to ask some technical questions about the aircraft (see general conversation) and to see all the great photos.

Cheers, Harold

Hi my name is Seymour Baer...I was stationed at NAS Sanford from 1964 to 1968 when the base closed...I did my boot 

camp at Great lakes and then off the AK "A" School in Millington, TN...then to NAS Sanford then to USS Independence 

 1968 to 1971...you may not know me but I was the manager for the band on the ship "Blue Bear" we played in the

Med and used to play on the hanger deck....I also did a radio show 6 to 10 PM at sea.   .from there I went to NAS Norfolk, VA and then to NAS Pensacola FL and then to the pre com on the USS Nimitz...then back to NAS Norfolk, VA and then to the USS Guam LPH-9...along the way I was aBlue Nose and 3 time Plank Owner...I was in the Navy for 24 years and retired as a AK1 and 20 years as a LSR...I live in Hartford, CT and the key board and singer with the band lives 7 miles from me in West Hartford, CT (small world we live in) if you remember the band and email me at   siimchachi@yahoo.com I will send you some photos of the band for your collection of photos on the Independence.

Looking to hear from you.


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