For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

I added this category at Sticks request. Please feel free to tell us a little about yourself.

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I'm retired from the Huber Heights Fire Department from a disability back in 2003 and woking part-time at WPAFB at the Hyperbaric chamber.

Hi my name Rick ( AME 2 Micky) Henrickson I was in RVAH -13 from 73 to 76 when we decomissioned, I presently live in Two Rivers WI , have 2 sons, 5 grandchildren, married. Some of the finest people that I have ever known I served with. Any "Bats" out there I would love to hear from you.

Hope this is right. Hi my name is Rick (Micky ) Henrickson. I joined VAH 13 in 1973 to 1976, made 2 cruises. I attained the rank of AME 2. Ilove the time I spent with 13. If there are any (bats) out there I would love to hear from you. I meet people ever day but some of the finest people I have ever met I served with.

In Nov.1968 I went to boot camp in Orlando, then on to Memphis to study aviation electronics. Transferred to Albany in the fall of 1969 in RVAH-3 for a couple of months. Then I went to RVAH-5 and made the '69-'70 WestPac cruise on the Ranger. Back to Albany, and then made the '71-'72 WestPac cruise on the Enterprise. Back to Albany again, and with a week to go before my discharge, they flew my squadron and me to Alameda for another cruise. I was discharged in Alameda and then flown back to my home state in Alabama. I didn't understand why I couldn't be discharged a week early, thereby saving a plane ticket to California and back. But I kept my mouth shut and just enjoyed the scenery. Ha!Ha! Made a lot of good friends and got to see some some beautiful countries, Phillipines, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Oh yeah, Hawaii wasn't too bad either!

I was an AO in a non AO comunity. I reported to RVAH 13 in Nov 72 after running from a typoon out of Cubi on the USS Oklahoma City. We made it to Yankee Station just in time to fire the guns so we could all recieve combat pay for November. That was quite an experiance for an "Airdale". Most of my time in 13 was spent with CAG, as soon as they found me on the line crew. I was only in the squadron for 3 months before I reenlisted. Cdr Chumley conducted it in flight in an RA5C. That was an experiance I'll never forget. I then recieved orders to VP56 where I became an aircrew ordnanceman. Out of the 22 years I served I think my experiances in 13 were the most memoriable.


I was assigned to CRAW 1 from 73-75 as a Corpsman.  I worked at the NAS Dispensary and never did deploy with a squadron.  Can't remember a lot of names, but remember some of the guys from HQ and Supply.  Worked with all of the HMs when they were not deployed.

Welcome Doc!

Just joined the RVAHNAVY'S RecceNet today!

   - Assigned to RVAH-14 from 8/20/72 till decommissioning 5/01/74 

      I reported to  NAS Albany, GA in August 1972.  Upon arrival I was given orders to check in with RVAH-14, which was deployed aboard the USS J.F. Kennedy in the Mediterranean.  The next deployment I made was the 73/74 Med Cruise aboard the USS Independence, and upon return reported to our new base NAS Boca Chica, Key West, FL.  After the decommissioning of RVAH-14  (5/1/74), I was given orders to the USS Yosemite in Mayport, FL, and 3 weeks later was on my way back to the Mediterranean for my 3rd and final deployment before my enlistment was up.  No doubt this period of my life to say the least was very exciting and educating with more experiences than I could ever imagine.  I was very proud to be associated with the RVAH-14 Eagles Team.

    Returning to civilian life in 1975, I attended the University of Tennessee.  Upon graduation I hired on with General Electric, and worked for 29 years, and retired in 2007.  I am looking forward to talking to former Navy buddies.


Trail Blazer

Welcome Aboard!!

I see that you also found us on facebook.

Thanks Steve!
A few days ago I started reviewing the history of the RA-5C Vigilante and remembering the great experience I had for two years of my life being associated with the RVAH-14 Eagles. After my enlistment was over it is ironic that I spent 29 years with the company that built the J79 Engines for the RA-5C Vigilante ...(GE). One of the few
shipmates I kept in touch with passed away last year. He was an Aviation Fire Control Technician in RVAH=14. It wasn't till recently that I realized that the Vigilante Pilots and RAN's were some of the best in the Navy, and the Vigi's had so many planes shot down in Vietnam due to their post mission assessment operations.  I look forward to finding shipmates in RVAH community.

Welcome Aboard! I was in RVAH-14 from December '71 till December '72. Worked in line shack as

Plane Captain.

From 14-28 September 1972, USS John F. Kennedy participated in NATO Exercise Strong Express, and I can remember going into the Artic Circle and getting my Blue Nose Certificate.  If my memory serves me right I believe the USS JFK reduced its recognized (electronic) signature profile down, and we were steaming around 33 knots to evade the Russians.  Please correct me if this is wrong as I am relating from memory. I can still visualize being on the deck of the carrier, and when reaching the Artic Circle one of the officers telling us how long we would live if we fell overboard...not long! 

I will never forget going in the Personnel Office aboard the JFK, and meeting  Personnel Man 1st Class Ralph Green from Knoxville, TN.  He looked at my orders and saw I was from Morristown, TN, and said "Sailor do you want to work in this Admin / Personnel Office or go Mess Cooking?"  What choice did I have, and I became a Yeoman for the squadron.  What an amazing 2 years I had with RVAH-14!!!  I appreciate you welcoming me aboard and hope to talk with you again.


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