For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

I added this category at Sticks request. Please feel free to tell us a little about yourself.

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I was in RVAH-5 from 1963 til 1966. I served on the Ranger & America. I worked in the bace shop on the Ranger and on the flight deck on America. I oined in 1962, went to boot camp in San Diego. I went to Pensacola to work on Helicopters until A school. Jacksonville to A school avation  electrican. Then to Sanford in RVAH-5.. I went to Sanford 2011 to a NAS reunion I though was a RVAH reunion. I hope this helps


I was also sent to Pensacola (HT-8, 1966) and worked out of the ASE shop, Yep U guessed it, while awaiting A-school, at Jacksonville. After A-school.. yep again, sent to RVAH-3 at NAS Sanford, then on to RVAH-14.

I went up for and made AE-3 while at HT-8, got my stripes in A school where I went up for E-5 and made rate. Not too shabby, E-5 in under 2 years. I wanted to go to San Diego, but got stuck going to Great lakes in bitter winter weather for boot camp. (I also worked SATE / BACE shop at Sanford, Albany & JFK (1969).

Even smaller world; was at HT – 8 in 1965 to early summer 1966, worked in airframe shop & none destructive testing. Went to A school then Rvah 7 airframe shop 


Good to have you here Frederick. I was on the America in '69 WestPac! Great ship for sure!

Hi, John had a good time on the America, 1st time it went out. Went to Med. Made a lot of ports.

Joined RVAH-12 in '70 after west pac  and made the Med cruise on the  Indy was TAD to the Indy as a cook and Tad to NAS on return hope to hear from anyone who was there when I was I am living in Dayton , Ohio anyone close drop me an email

My  name is Bill Faun. Reported to RVAH-12 in July of 1973 after "A" school.  I live in Huber Heights.

Hey Bill I too live in Huber Heights

Hi Gary! Welcome to the crew! I was in RVAH-12 "Speartips" during the '70 West Pac cruise! That was aboard the America. I now live in Englewood OH. 

Hello John I joined as the Squadron came home from the west pac.

Where in Huber do you live Gary?  I live on Botkins Road on the south end of Huber between Fishburg and Powell Roads. Lived in Huber all my life except the four years I was in the Navy.  I worked in the AME / PR shop with AME1 Nelson my first boss when I reported to RVAH-12 in Albany, Ga In July prior to you guys coming home from your USS Constilation cruise in the Med.

I live up troy pk in the condos next to the health center on Baton Rouge Dr. I worked at the Cub foods in Huber until they closed it was Meat dept. manager worked at the Sugarcreek store until it closed in Sept.  this week the last store will shut down. I am set to retire and get me a part time job




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