For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

My suggestion on next reunion to planning committee

1: This would be in November 2012 at Pensacola during Veterans week.
2: Day one (Thursday) – registration & ready room open.
3: Day two (Friday) - Day trip by charter bus to Mobile to visit USS Alabama battle ship & USS Drum.
4: Day two – Dinner on one of the cruse boats in either Mobile or Pensacola
5: Day three (Saturday) – NAS Pensacola for Blue Angel home coming air show. – Charter bus - this is an all day show from 9am to 7:30 pm. It’s free but we could get group discount tickets in VIP section which include lunch.
6: Day four (Sunday) – squadron picnic with dinner at either Air museum or another location

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Sounds good, however that would put departure either on the night of Sun 11th or Monday 12th.. Thanksgiving falls on the 22th (4th Thursday of Nov.). Would that hurt attendance with only a 10 day span between the two?

since we will have elected a new president by then.......damn the torpedoes........go for it!

How about at Great Lakes since I live right near..........I wouldn't have to travel....okay.........just kidding.



I like it.  If the doctors don't kill me the wife and I will drive down from Michigan.  Sounds like fun.


Driving down.........how long would it take........and how about bad weather??

I would say from Kenosha about 18 hrs & weather at that time of years is good. It takes me less than 15 hrs form Chicago land area.

Thank you......I bet you drive fast??       I make the trip between Kenosha and north of St.. Paul MN..in about 6-l/2 hours, but I stop...for gasoline and bathroom.  Will look into it.

The Maddens from Bremerton, WA would attend.

I'm open to this also. We live in Loxley,Al which is like 45 minutes from NAS. Talked to the wife and we would be open to put up a couple for this time as we have a spare bedroom.


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