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Is there anywhere I can get a copy of my SERVICE RECORDS

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Request VA Form SF180 on the VA website http://va.gov/vaforms/form_detail.asp?FormNo=180

The VA is slow as a snail, but they will get the archived records in time.  I requested a new DD-214 and my related records several years ago.  They send you what they have.  My records were fairly complete.VA1.jpgVA2.jpg

I have attached the SF-180 form that I scanned if you can open it.

Online request can be made here: Click "eVetsrecs" Button on this page

If you're trying to replace a ribbon or find a ribbon/medal you didn't get, but think you rate this site can help: U.S. NAVY AWARDS

Your local VFW, DAV, other Veteran's groups probably have a service officer that can help you fill out the online or snail-mail forms. Also your State or County may have an office that assists veterans.

And if all else fails your 2 US Senator's and/or your districts Congresscritter's (US House Representative) local office probably has someone who specializes in helping active duty military and veterans.


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