For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

I would like to do the graphics for a high-end RVAH-7 Tee/Sweat/Cap project but need some great high quality pictures.


In Memory of...

Bird in Flight...

Recon in action...


Send pictures to especjohn@envirospec.com

I own a company that manufacturers professional cleaning equipment and chemicals and that donate 100% of all profits to charities for Veterans and Animals.

If you know of a Heavy 7 Vet who needs a little help - let me know.

Robert L. John Allison, President

EnviroSpec, a Division of Hi-Tech Jetting Technologies, Inc.


RVAH-7 Supply 1965-67 / Shipmates with Jerry Pigg, Earnie Gowans and so many others who's names and faces I have forgotten but who I think of and pray for ever day.

God's speed.

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Greetings!  You can find many photos of the Vigilante at RECENET.  Also, Google Heavy Attack websites for your photos.  I used to have this on my favorites, but have found a shop at the mall (where else) in Sanford that wil be making T-shirts for our upcoming 49th Reunion here in Sanford. Only wish I'd found you sooner; perhaps you could have gotten our business.

BTW, I was an AK in VAH-7 from Dec 1960 until Jan 1964. Then transferred to NAS Sanford for shore duty.

Active duty 1958 - 1977,  Began my 2nd career with the Navy as a Civil Servant 1980 - 2001.  Last duty was with subs at Kings Bay, just down the road.  I, and my wife, are quite familiar with your area;  visited many times.  Love the "islands"!.

Maybe we should keep in touch?  Rodney Chapman  dublin98@bellsouth.net



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