For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

A recent article in the Orlando (Florida) Sentinel telling of the remains of a Navy Pilot whose remains were returned to his family after 52 years.

I've looked through my NAS Sanford cruise book; but, he isn't listed.  This book was from 1962; there were only 6 squadrons here at that time. VAH-3, 5, 7, 9, 11, and VAH-11 Det 8.. Does anyone from any other squadron remember LCDR Crosby?

The article quotes his daughter (6 years old when he passed)) as saying "he was flying armed only with cameras" over Vet Nam which would lead me to believe he was in one of the "Heavies" from Sanford.

Please help so that we in the RVAH community may pay our respects to a fallen comrade.

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Did some research -Lieutenant Commander Frederick Peter Crosby was two weeks shy of his 32nd birthday when his RF-8A fighter jet was struck down by heavy gunfire a few miles northeast from the city of Thanh Hóa on June 1, 1965.He wasn't a RVAH pilot as far as I can tell, but was flying an RF-8A, a recon/fighter affectionately known as the "Photo Gator".

They were flown by the VFP squadrons...

Image result for rf8a crusader

LCDR F P Crosby was KIA by AAA over North Vietnam on 1 June 1965. His aircraft was RF-8A BuNo 146852 . His squadron was VFP-63 "Eyes of the Fleet" which was in Air Wing CVW-19 in USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA-31).

This aircraft is what used to be the F-8 flown by VFP-62 out of Jacksonville aboard the USS Enterprise on her 2 Med cruises.  I used to like them do bomb runs on the towed array behind the ship.

Thank you for the information; I thought the Crusader had been retired and replaced by the F-8E.


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