For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!


Something for everyone there. Even some Vigi's

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No civies or paved streets when I was there.

I never made it there, but by looking at the pictures (and some of the stories I did hear) I would bet there are thousands of stories that were told.  And thousands more that could be told, but never will be!!!  What happens in the PI stays in the PI.

Sure bring back old memory of a time gone by, but what a time it was!

OH BOY , The good old daze ! Had to watch the jeepney drivers , benny boys , butterfly knives , green beer , stuff like that ! Sh-t river , sharks in the netted off swim area , where's my beer,[ who stole it ] more stuff like that !

A friend of mine, who was a Marine but recently passed away, said this of Subic Bay! "When I went into town for the first time, it was as if I had found heaven". He and I were there at the same time. I met him in a bar when the conversation turned to the old "jarhead" and "Swabbie" foolishness. We remained friends ever since, and his passing this year was a real hit to this old boys heart. He and I would often talk about our times in Subic, but not when the wives were around. :)

Sure did bring back some good memories from mid to late 60's.  Even some RVAH 13 aircraft.  Thanks for the post.

It was without a doubt, the epitome of a "Sailor Port" - Girls, beer, Girls, fights, Girls, bands, Girls and oh yeah... GIRLS!

We were young, dumb and full of swagger and it was an incredible experience...

Ah youth....

Bill - You said it all. Times to remember for a lifetime. I could tell some stories, but you all have your own, so I'll just shut up and remember.


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