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you've mowed the yard...

edged the yard

cleaned out the flower beds

bagged all that needs to be bagged...

so,NOW it's.......

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I mowed my grass yesterday (actually just chopped off the tops of the weeds, grass isn't really making much of an effort this time of the year) and I noticed some paint peeling off the deck of my lawnmower. Reached down to poke at it and found rust and a hole (duct tape fixed it ;-) ). So now I ordered a new deck from Troy Bilt and will have to move everything to it when it arrives. I imagine it'll be fun.

Yes the WHITE grass is doing good.

I live in Jax. I mowed 2 weeks ago and I will probably need to mow again  next week . Even though most of the country has suffered  a hard winter , in Florida, my grass seems to grow year round! Just more " Beer :30" time!

 YES , Amen to beer 30 time !!!

Mowed mine about 2 weeks ago.....



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