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I still have my tool belt from H-3 and I am planning on it fitting me again...............someday!!!

April 1969, Co 233. My, how things have changed. Must be that kinder, gentler military I keep hearing about.

Square needle in the left nut, the Bi cillan hop, salt peter in the chow. Funny, 6 years active, only remember

1 time full dress inspection, never marched anywhere and NO pt, ever!!!

You and me agree.  Only time I wore dress blues for a change of command at H3.

Don't feel too bad, the uniforms I received were the same ones issues during WWII.  Funny think about this video(s) is I actually might have seen most of those recruits both men and women at sometime....around.  How come they don't mention how so many can't handle the physical stuff and end up held back and in physical therapy.


I had to get my hair cut before I went in.  Women still had cubiles for sleeping maybe 8 only........after I got out of boot they opened up to the big dorms.......not as fancy.


They have built lots of new building on Great Lakea and all new ones because of the women.

etc, etc, etc.


They all wear the new campfl.........now!!


When I was in basic at Gt Lakes all NEWBIES reported to Camp Barry..all the buildings ...with the exception of the medical area where we got shots...and more shots..and anything else they could think of were either Brick or concrete block..Once we formed a company..learned how to know our left from our right etc.we went to a barracks at Camp Moffett...these buildings were probably built around the time Colunbus discovered America...or there        a bouts.One night while we were all standing around the"BUTT BUCKET" our C C comes in...and after the "ATTENTION ON DECK" announcement Chief Poissant told us to make DAMN sure there were no sparks or butts on the floor.These buildings...in the case of a fire would burn completely down in @ 7 minutes.Building was H shaped 2 floors..4 areas for bunks 4 areas for Heads (bathrooms) plus CCs' Office.

As a matter of fact I heard later on that the barracks HAD been built @ the start of WW I...

Once we got through tha phase we went to Camp Porter..don't remember any wood in those buildings at all all concrete

Speaking of left and right...did anyone notice the recruits with an X marked on their left hand with a black felt marker?

Yeah were they being picked on ? Or is that a left hander ,or crossdresser or what all ?? Those old barracks were sure draftee plus yer right about a serious burn down ! [was told that same thing in 62 ] I still can't believe thats GREAT LAKES , more like a Star Wars saga !!!

When I was in Millington, one of the schoool buildings (wood) did burn down.  I can still remember seeing it burn from my base house.  Wow.....I was lucky I had already gone through that part of school or I would have had to go on double shifts as the other did...in a different building.

Back then the women would not yelled at as much as the men were.  We had to do all out own laundry but the guys had theirs sent out?  I underdstand today all the laundry is sent out!  I will say any recuit that I meet.........today always addresses me as Mame (spelling)...and yes and no M.

Sorry Diane...but in 62' us guys had to hand wash our stuff in basic..and since I was there in March and there was still snow on the ground it was a crapshoot as to whether or not they would be dry.After basic and getting sent back to Gt Lakes we did have washers and dryers in our barracks ...25 cents to wash n 25 cents for the dryers..but we also could send them out to be cleaned...especially the blues...some of us even ironed our own uniforms...which was cheaper than sending them out off base...

AFTER boot anything went back then.  Pretty much the same now.  On Monday morning if I am driving to GL.........I always see the "bus" headed to Wisconsin to pick up the sailors who had too much fun!!!

There was 2 trains that ran from Chicago to some where South of the base..one was a diesel powered passenger train C N W (Chicago & Northwestern).The last run for this train was usually @11:30/12:00...then there was the "TOOTERVILLE TROLLY"...an early electric train...last run from Chicago was @ 1:00 AM...and the train ran full throttle...rockin na a rollin..maybe 3 cars...Conductors always tryin to sell cigarette lighters..n stuff



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