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Oh man... the memories of Great Lakes just came flooding back.. even after 45 years...

Except I don't remember it looking that shiny and new. Seems like it was all old wooden barracks and lots of coats of paint.

And I don't remember ANY of the CC's talking that gently... must be getting old... 

I was waiting for everyone there to start singing around the campfire. That looked more like church camp then boot camp.

couldn't agree more!

LOL!!! All the comments!!!

OH MAN ,Where's the bellbottoms , flat hats ? That place looks like a new Boy Scout hall ! What's with the fancy shoes , pants , shirts   & sleeping racks ?  At least they got the GI boot camp hair cut !!!

Todays seabags....which I don't even think they use seabags anymore...don't even come close to what I was issued...I've said this before...but my Uncle Frank was on the USS BUNKER HILL...the day I got home from basic he came by my Mom n Dads house...naturally my Mom washed my stuff...fortunately I stopped her before she got to the blues...as I was putting everythin back in the seabag Uncle Frank said..."DAMN that looks exactly like the stuff I had when I was in"

Uniforms have changed..from what I've read and heard..don't think they have undress blues any more...or dungrees..

THAT is no freakin where even close to what I experienced...Shit hit the fan when we walked in the gate at Camp Barry...and it kept hitting the fan till the day we graduated...

Pushups in snowy slushy puddles...most used name by C Cs' was MAGGOT....never made it to formations with out being yelled or screamed at...Bill it wasn't "shiny and new"most all the barracks and dispenserys were pre WW II.Although IF we had a medical issue at least the Drs. and Corpsmen were less likely to yell at us.

While at Camp Barry where we recieved our shots there were hundreds going through the  line buck naked.Our seabags were thrown at us piece by piece...When it came time for haircuts...it took maybe a minute to a minute and a half..so we all looked the same...As I said the yelling started when we went in Camp Barry...and didn't stop till we graduated.

It wasn't "shiny and new" when I went... ('68) - at Great Lakes

Old wooden barracks with years and years of paint -

Endless drills on the grinders...

Aft compartment watches with constant checks by CC's... "WHAT'S THE SECOND GENERAL ORDER OF A SENTRY? (To walk my post in a military manner, keeping always on the alert, and observing everything that takes place within sight or hearing.)

Yelling "Attention on Deck" whenever anyone but a recruit entered the room...

Smoke and Coke breaks - 5 minutes...(The Smoking Lamp is Lit and will remain lit for 5 minutes!)

Spit shined boondockers - No tennis shoes...

We were all "Maggots", "Numb nuts", and "Ladies"

DO NOT sit on your rack - sit on the floor!


Finding the contents of your locker all over the floor because of one misfolded tshirt...

Constant yelling in your face - CC's had one volume setting... INTENSELY LOUD!

Field Day... white glove inspections

If they're not wearing leggings, you call them SIR!

The constant fear and threat of being "set back" (ASMO'd ?)... doing an additional two weeks of boot...

Being threatened with "Mickey Mouse" - never knew exactly what that was but we were terrified of it...

16 count and 96 count manual of arms with that ratty old M1

Posting of "crossing guards" as we marched...

Washing our gear at the stone troughs... hand washing with brushes and soap... hung up on lines with clothes stops... and only tied with square knots!

Ditty bags...

And my favorite... I was caught grinning while the CC was chewing someone out... my punishment?

I had to pick 10,000 dandelions, putting them in my pillowcase after hours in my dress whites. When I filled the pillowcase at 1am, (he didn't count the dandelions...) I had to get my whites (completely grass stained) scrubbed and ready for inspection by 0600 along with the pillowcase. I had to stand in front of the company, with my pillowcase and repeat over and over... "THIS IS MY PILLOWCASE! THE NAVY IS NOT FUNNY!" at the top of my voice.

So... why do I look back on it fondly??






You had an M1?? In 69 we still had '06 Springfields

IIRC those Springfields weighed @ 14.5 lbs..were taught THE 16 COUNT MANUAL OF ARMS...but get a hit on barracks inspection or personell inspection and it turned into the 96 COUNT MANUAL OF ARMS.Any and all recruits who got hits ie: personell in spections....barracks inspection or any other thing they could come up with and you spent 2 hours in a drill hall and suddenly that 14.5 lbs after 2 hours of doing drills other than eating the rifle...weighed approximently 300 lbs...but DO NOT falter...DO NOT drop the rifle..we did push ups with the rifle and had to put our nose in/on the trigger..then push up and hold till the instructor called out "ATTENTION!!"...I was fortunate enough to keep my butt in line and passed all inspections...but C Cs would come up with a reason for demerits just for the hell of it.

It was surprising to me that the guys who thought they were real BAD ASSES were the one who either passed out or started cryin...

I still have most of my seabag. Sadly, only the belt buckle I got in Nam still fits!!!SMH

Is it the buckles or the belts that don't fit anymore? ;-)



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