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The Navy is running a new TV ad highlighting the fact you can get up to 30K to enlist.  How times have changed since the days of the draft in the 60s.  I just remember that I went to boot camp in San Diego with and E-2 pay grade because of some college that I had.  That monthly $89 did not go very far at all.  I went off to Millington and made E-3 and got a whopping $111 a month.  It sure was a different time with much different expectations then.  It was an interesting adventure to say the least for a nineteen year old kid like a lot of us then.

Remember my first time I had to fill out a PAY CHIT while still in BASIC..

If we didn't cross our Ts or misspelled a word we had to start over 

TV ad ? I haven't seen any TV ads for the Navy...


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