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SWFL mom challenges military leaders to stop using phrase

So is this just a Mom being a Mom, or is it more PC BS?

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 Oh, for God's Sake...

Pretty soon, "Sailor" will be a derogatory term... after all, they're not just "sailors", they're electronic techs, parachute riggers, plane captains, fighter pilots, navigators, etc...

"Sailor" indicates that they just sail around on ships... they're more than that. They're highly trained individuals with talent and feelings..." said AZ Touche, a veteran himself, "I find it offensive to hear the term "Sailor" bandied about all the time, I think it's time to come up with a term that denotes the entire individual, not some label... I'm also tired of hearing " gob, me hearty, jack, jack tar, mariner, salt, old salt, sea dog, seafarer, seamen, shipman, swab, swabbie, coxswain, deckhand, shipmate, able seaman, bb stacker, purple gang, green shirts, brown shirts, yellow shirts, boats, chief, XO, CO, LSO,  jet mechs, tweets, one wires, white hats, lubber, pirate and shellback. It hurts my feelings being labeled... " said an outraged Touche...


It would be interesting to hear what that woman's son has to say. I wonder if he's just as whinny as his Mother?

Now Now guys............don't be that way.  Actually I think the term makes a lot of sense.  

Sorry, but I'm with the Mom.

I flew in the back seat of a Vigi, and I know the pilots and navigators would not like to be referred to as "Butts in the Cockpits" or anything along those lines, and any Sailors, Marines, Army, and Air Force men and women I knew had no issue with Sailors, Airmen and Infantry (or Soldiers.) Proper terms already exist for such service, so reinventing the wheel, so to speak, is just silly.

Politicians (and the media) love catch phrases and I'm sure they think "Boots on the Ground" has a nice ring to it, but it is just a catch phrase (like "shock and awe") and as such is just insipid and a form of media hype -- so though her outrage over the term may be a bit over the top, I can understand and appreciate where the mother is coming from who knows her son's life is on the line when he is serving in the military. She doesn't care to have her son's service reduced to a catch phrase. Give her a break and don't overthink this one.

I'm sorry...

You guys do realize that I was being sarcastic in my reply... (reinforcing my argument that there needs to be a "sarcastic" font for the internet...)

"Boots on the Ground" is exactly that, a catchphrase... it will be replaced in time with something else that catches the media's fancy and someone will be offended by that as well.

I think it started to express.......forces are actually in the country, rather then flying ovver.  Anyway, I never wore boots so I can't complain.

I was boots on the ground in 62'...My BOOT company failed an inspection and when we walked outside our C C had us doin 50 in @ 10 inches of snow...

In all actually,pertaining to the Navy...the only time any of us would have been "BOOTS ON THE GROUND" would be if we were assigned to SHORE DUTY...

 "BOOTS ON THE GROUND" .. shore patrol


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