For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

Those known as of October 2019. Please add any that are not listed below.

Bishop, Bruce E.                             Growe, R.G.                               Milewski, John

Bradshaw, C.L.                                Hoffman, J.B.                            Monroe, Vincent D.

Burt, Don M.                                    James, Charlie N.                     Overshiner, Leonard "Benny"

Choyce, Charlie V.                           Kilcline, Tom J.                          Repp, R.W.

Clark, Wayne L.                               Knight, John C.                         Schultz, John C.

Gollehon, William R.                        Kontos, L.G. "Nik"                    Sheetz, Roy L.

Grace, L.W.                                      Lenhardt, H.F.                           Toschlog, Steve C.

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Just learned of three more 1966-1968 RVAH-11 Shipmates who are no longer with us.

Brooks, D.I.                         Dartnell, W.H.                         Sprague, G.E.

If someone (or someones) will search and find a picture or each of the departed Heavy-11 Shipmates and a copy of their obituaries and either make a post for each one in the format the other individual posts are made here (or send the info to me at rvahroster@gmail.com and I'll make the post) that would be great.

If making a post please verify that there isn't already an existing post so there won't be duplicates.

Sad to report the addition of six (6) more of our 1966-1968 RVAH-11 Shipmates who are no longer with us.

Harrelson, Zan E.                               Karcher, Thomas A.                              Melnick, Daniel H.

Hostettler, Gerald B.                          Maki, Michael A.                                   Middaugh, Alan E.

Somehow failed to earlier mention A.W. "Al" Turner who passed at the age of 49 in 1996. He was a PN3/PN2 in the 1966-1968 timeframe.

Another 1966-1968 RVAH-11 Shipmate that should have been included earlier:

M. G. Edmondson

I have just learned that our RVAH-11 Shipmate L. J. "Sonny" Gilman passed away several years ago.

This makes a total of 33 of our 1966-1968 RVAH-11 Shipmates known to have passed away as of December 15, 2019.

If you learn of any others please add them here so the rest of us will know, too.


Have learned of 2 more of our RVAH-11 1966-1968 Shipmates who are deceased. They are:

David Ellis                   Gene Lux

As an aside, looking over the names and dates of death there are at least 5 who unfortunately passed before reaching the age of 50. They are:

Bruce Bishop     David Ellis     Nik Kontos     John Schultz     Al Turner

If you have confirmed knowledge of any others, please reply here with the information.

22 Dec. 2019 - Have learned of several more 1966-1968 RVAH-11 Shipmates we have lost. They are:

     Glen B. Crider          Sylvester J. Estridge, Jr.          William H. Magnus          Richard Niklaus

Total we know of to date is 39! Anyone know of any others? Please let us know.

Just learned of the passing of Harvey W. Boyce in December 2019. A Memorial Service was held January 13, 2020.


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