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Antartica and Texas swapped places for a couple of days.....HO LI CHIT it's been cold down here...then there's the usual..."ICY CONDITIONS"...freeway overpasses and bridges "ARE SLIPPERY"...this happens EVERY YEAR....but they never do anything about it till after the sun comes out...

Then to,you have those here in Texas who seem to think they know how to drive in these conditions but THESE are the ones who usually end up on the back of a tow truck...simply because they don't listen or watch the news...

COMMON SENSE ...seems some people just ain't got it...

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I noticed the last couple of days it has been as cold or colder there in TX than here in MI.  Now today it's cold here and we have a lot of snow coming down as I type this...and a 20+ mph wind....and now my dog wants to go out to do her thing....tough day!

Well at least this mornin the suns up...47 deg but there is some sun....so far...the day ain't over yet

YEP , I remember those days in Dallas , It was like demolition derby on them bridges , and turns in that icey stuff !! Them people would shoot down those freeways and such 50-60 mph hit them bridges , OOPS donuts by the dozens ! Tow trucks loved em !!! 

Funny....was online reading about it and they said there were accidents all over the place...and then they said and I ain't lyin either...."road crews are standing by"....YEP they hadn't EVEN been sanding or layin on any salt AT ALL...

When I was at NATTC Memphis for Tech Schools it snowed and the entire SW Tennessee area came to a screeching halt. I had to go into Millington so I talked a buddy of mine from Buffalo NY to drive me (I've never driven in snow or ice).

I would like to thank Stick for sending us in Pa. the following.............

Hey I didn't have nuthin to do with that....rain dances yes....I don't do snow dances...union won't let me don't have enough senority

ok, but someone down there did! LOL!

Musta been Ray Miser I betcha...

It is a high of 5 degrees here in warm WIS......getting ready to watch the Badgers in SUNNY CA.  I was in Antartica this time of year and it was warm about 36 or so......(check out my picture!!) because it is summer now.  Yes, still lots of snow and ice!! and penquins and seals....but wonderful.



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