For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

I was born in Corinth, New York a small paper mill town in northeastern NY State. Made it through one year of college before dropping out. Enlisted in Navy, went Great Lakes in January. Froze my butt off but got through. Went to AM school Millington Tenn. Was assigned to RVAH-6 in September deployed on WestPac aboard USS Constellation. Spent one turn around with RVAH-6 at NAS Sanford. Deployed again to WestPac on USS Ranger, retunred to NAS Albany. Deployed again to WestPac on board USS Enterprise. Took early out in October 1969 after 3 years 8 months and 5 days of active duty.  Returned to college and graduated. Married for 43 years, two children, three grandchildren and a dog. Retired from one company, started and lost one business and now work as federal employee as the Energy Manager for US Army Fort Lee, Virginia.

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Andy, I was a Photomate on both the Connie and Ranger cruises.  When I cross decked from Heavy 7 to 6 for some reason I will never figure out they sent me (bag and baggage) from the Enterprise in Subic Bay back to San Diego to join RVAH 6 abd. the Connie for the trip out.  With the exception of a TAD back to 7 for the last couple of months of their cruise, I stayed with 6 until I left the Ranger on a COD when she passed thru the straits of Quemoy on the way to the Sea of Japan in Jan. 1968.

Hi Andy I was in six with you on Ranger and Enterprise.  There is a Reunion in Bronson, Mo for


September 28 – 30, 2012

if you are interested I have attached some of the information.


Nice to meet you...I lived in Greenfield Center NY from 91 - 06. ex was from there.then I couldn't stand her craziness and the snow any more so I left both for better climate. PS I was In H12 72-75 two cruises  USS Constellation and Enterprise.

Hi Robert!

We never crossed paths, but welcome aboard this site! I did however react to your note about Great Lakes and the cold. I remember shoveling off the "Grinder" with a couple hundred other souls. Then they brought out the snow plows just to show us we were doing it for FUN!



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